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 Oakes Entretien is a family-owned and operated local business that has stood out for many years in the field of landscaping and outdoor maintenance. Thanks to our professional, respectful, and qualified team we take care of the complete maintenance of your green spaces as well as your outdoor lawnscaping projects. You can count on us to provide you with competitively priced services that exceed the industry's quality standards.

Mindful of the need to feel comfortable at home, Oakes Entretien offers a variety of turnkey landscaping and outdoor maintenance services to meet your expectations.



Social and environmental responsibility

The quality of the environment we all share is particularly important to us. We will achieve these goals by

•    Providing continuing education and government certifications to all our employees
•   Using the most environmentally friendly products available on the market
•   Committing to a sensible approach and research that will help protect the environment
•   Promoting standards that reduce the use of harmful chemicals
•   Raising operating standards in our industry

Sustainable development

Healthy lawns and trees purify and cool the air, which greatly contributes to our health and environment

By the very nature of our business, Oakes Entretien not only provides environmentally friendly lawn maintenance and treatment, but we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce the use of chemicals


We want to create an environmentally friendly company through the following ways

•   To properly assess and reduce the ecological footprint of our operations
•  Promote internal development using environmentally friendly products and services
•  Conduct our practices to ensure strict compliance with existing regulations
•  To raise awareness among employes about our obligation to preserve and improve the         environment
•  Balancing the use of chemicals with a healthy environment
•  Innovate in the development of new environmentally friendly products
•  Use resources more wisely and recycle

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