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Fertilization services

Why do lawns need to be fertilized?


In Quebec, because of the type of soil and the climate in which we live, all lawns need nutritious supplements (lawn and turf treatments).

Fertilizing your lawn fills the gaps in the soil and provides the nutrients it needs to resist wear and tear, cold and diseases, so you'll have a green, healthy lawn with no harmful pests.

Our technicians have the skills and experience to quickly identify your problems and their causes. They will recommend the best course of action to have a green and healthy lawn during the summer season.


Plans available

Beautiful lawn plan

  • 4 liquid fertilizations

  • 4 liquid weed controls (including 2 boosts for harder to kill weeds)

  • 4 technician's report

Perfect lawn plan

  • 6 liquid fertilization

  • 6 liquid weed control (including 2 boosts for harder to kill weeds)

  • 1 iron treatment

  • 1 mycorhizea treatment

  • 6 technician's report

Our specialties in fertilization


• Lawn aeration (North Shore only)
• Localized weed treatment 
• Compost and seeding (North Shore only)
• Treatments for trees (spray, injection of horticultural oils)
• Weed killer
• White grubs extermination 

• Lawn fertilization
• Calcium for lawn
• Mycorhizea for lawn


We use the most efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer products and techniques

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