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Extermination services

If you have a pest problem inside or outside your home, do not delay before asking for professional help from an exterminator.

Oakes Entretien can respond quickly to any infestation caused by insects or unwanted pests.

We offer extermination services for all types of insects and rodent control.


Ants, spiders and earwigs (foundation & 3000sq.ft.)
1 exterior spray of foundation and 3000 sq. ft. (foundation, grass, pavement, deck, hedge, etc.)

Ants, spiders and earwigs (foundation & 15 sq.ft.)
1 exterior spray of foundation and a 15 sq. ft. perimeter of the house.

White grub treatment
Treatment to destroy the eggs.
(1 in late June & 1 in late July)

Ching bug treatment
Treatment against chinch bugs that feed on the chlorophylle of your grass. 

*A free respray is possible only if there was rain within 6 hours after the insect treatment.(ants, spiders, earwig)

Our specialties in extermination

• Spider extermination 
• Ching bug extermination 
• Wasp extermination
• Ant extermination 
• Earwig extermination 


• Groundhog control 
• Skunk control
• Raccoon control 
• Mouse control
• Mole control



We use the most efficient and environmentally friendly products and extermination techniques

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