Residential snow removal

OAKES ENTRETIEN is committed to providing you with the best possible snow removal service in a timely manner. Thanks to our experienced snow removal operators and our state-of-the-art equipment, our services are professional and fast. In addition. Our snow removal services cover the regions of upper Sainte Thérèse and Blainville West.

Important information on snow removal

• Snow removal is done according to the schedule of the city's snow removal teams. These hours may vary depending on certain uncontrollable factors.


• Our snow removal service starts on November 1st and ends on April 10th, the following year.

• As a general rule, our priority is to make sure to remove the  city's snow curving early in the morning so that you can leave without problems. But as we are dependent on the weather and the city, the later the snow falls, the later we start clearing the snow.

• Of course, if there are cars in your driveway when we arrive, we will not be able to clear the snow. For this reason we ask that you remove the cars from your driveway  at 9:00 AM.

Snow removal services

Call us today to find out about our residential snow removal services in the Upper

Sainte-Thérèse area and Blainville West.

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