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This contract is valid for snow removal service from November 15, 2019 to April 10, 2020. The terms of this contract begin with payment and are in effect until the last snowfall of the following year, no later than April 10 of that year. Any changes to the contract will be made in writing.



This contract binds the customer to Oakes Entretien for the 2019-2020 snow removal season.


This contract will be executed by Oakes Entretien, at the customer service address described in this contract.

The client authorizes Oakes Entretien to install beacons to delineate the entrance and highlight the hard-to-reach areas. The beacons will be installed during the first week of November. Oakes Entretien has the necessary insurance as well as the operating permits required for snow removal;




Oakes Entretien plows according to the city's snow removal teams schedule. These hours may vary depending on certain uncontrollable factors.

The snow removal priority established by Oakes Entretien will be based on the snow removal done by the city. Vehicles may not travel more than 1.5 feet from garage doors in some places.

The beacons will be removed and recovered by Oakes Entretien as soon as possible at the end of the snow removal season. The customer must not remove the beacons;

In the event of equipment failure, Oakes Entretien will not assume any responsibility for snow removal delays, but will strive to best deal with the situation.




The customer's parking lot must be freed from 9:00 am;


During a snow storm, the customer must not leave any extension, logs or any other object in the parking lot. You must free up your parking lot and make sure you position your vehicle so as not to interfere with snow removal operations;


 To facilitate the work of drivers and avoid inconvenience, please place garbage cans and recycling bins on the opposite     side of where the snow is blown. Please join our Facebook page to follow the snow removal operation’s progress:


It is your responsibility to protect objects in snow-pile areas (lampposts, shrubs, hedges, trees, decorative accessories, etc.);


If the customer does not free his entry and therefore requests additional snow removal, an additional fee of $35.00 will be charged.



There are no unforeseen costs in this contract;


Oakes Entretien is not responsible for objects left in snow-plowed areas and is not responsible for any damage that could have been caused by gravel entrances;


Oakes Entretien is not responsible for damage to existing landscaping or any damage to asphalt. Oakes Entretien assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked illegally or in hazardous locations;

Snow will be deposited on the customer's property. Abrasives, snow removal and snow transportation are not included in the price unless otherwise mentioned;



Checks must be received by October 15, 2019 to confirm the snow removal service. Places are limited and Oakes Entretien reserves the right to refuse to serve an address without justification.

Oakes Entretien reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time for payment default. An additional fee of $45.00 will be charged for any cheque returned without provision. Refunds before December 31st will be 50% of the amount and after January 1st, will not be accepted.


In fulfilling this contract, I accept the terms and conditions of this contract

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