Cedar grove

Our cedar grove offers you higher quality cedars.
We mainly grow 2 types of cedars.

Thuya Nigra (Black cedar)

The cultivated Thuya Nigra is of very good quality for cedar hedges. It will form a dense privacy wall. It can reach a height of 10 meters and a width of 4 meters. It is called black cedar for its dark color which it retains throughout the year. This cedar comes from genetic manipulations made from white cedar.


Growth: 8 to 10 inches per year.
Privacy wall:  immediately after installation
Diameter at installation: 30 inches
Form:  conical, square wall style, ball.
Light:  2 hours of sunshine per day.

Occidentalis (White cedar)

White cedar is very similar to black cedar; very good quality

and is very resistant (soft wood). It will form a dense privacy wall.


Growth: 10 to 12 inches per year.
 Privacy wall:  1 to 2 years
Diameter at installation:  24-30 inches
Form:  conical, square wall style, ball.
 Light:  2 hours of sunshine per day.

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